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Desktop video record made easy

Date Added: March 11, 2012 12:34:50 PM
Author: admin
Category: Computers
Have you ever wondered how to abfilmen example, a program operation directly from the screen? If so, then the free open source program ComStudio 2.0 is the answer to your question. Each cursor movement, every new window, every startup, every click, every written word is recognized by CamStudio and stored in a video in AVI or SWF format.


Camstudio desktop make videos Thus, for example, to create an educational video for computer beginners or record the use of software testers. The user determines whether the software or the entire screen only takes up a certain section. Video quality can be adapted and you can set the video or image so that it automatically follows the movements of the mouse.


You also have to comment via microphone or headset, the possibility of your actions on the screen. So you can provide the same service as a program with an audio commentary, so the user can understand the importance of individual clicks better.


Tip: The Movie Maker, you can find in Windows XP under Start button -> All Programs -> Windows Movie Maker.


This allows you for example from the video screen (cut) edit later or even add sound completely. Furthermore, you can store the thus processed on-screen video in WMV format, which means they can then play back problems with the media player. 've Got almost 95% of all computer users any version of Windows on your computer, you can go so sure that almost everyone can view your videos with the media player.


Where can I download free CamStudio?

You can either search using the keywords "CamStudio Download" in the Google search engine to download options, or refer directly to the website of "" the program. Link ->


Tutorial: Tips on handling the filming of the screen

The operation of the program CamStudio is simply commendable. After you have installed the software on your computer, you must restart the program only. Then click the red Record button and drag a rectangle with the mouse. With this rectangle to determine the size of the screen section. Once you have drawn the rectangle, the recording will start to run automatically. If you want to take a break, simply press the pause button.


To stop recording, press the "stop" button. Then you are asked by CamStudio, where the recording should be saved. By default, the movie is saved as an AVI.


First Tip: The camera will automatically follow the mouse pointer

Screen film It is not always a good idea to film the entire screen. For it may be that he is portrayed in the video is too small or too blurry. Better it is often a smaller screen section to select and instruct the program CamStudio to follow the mouse movements automatically. You just need the menu item "Options" and select "Enable auto-pan" enabled (click, so that a checkmark appears in front of the option).


This option is enabled, the following from you in the rectangle specified screen automatically cut all movements with the mouse. So you can see details better. Even when converting to other formats (eg WMV to the format of the media player), the quality still worth seeing.


Second Tip: Move the mouse slowly.


Move the mouse slowly and let it rest briefly on the important points. Thus, the user can better follow later each mouse movements and menu options easier to read, for example. Move the mouse too quickly, a "wiper" effect that can be observed in high-speed video recordings. The writing is in motion shortly blurred and it turns out only after a short rest again sharply.


Third Tip for use: Usability Testing of programs or Web sites


Who has designed a program or a Web page that you want are probably wondering how well the users come to grips with the operation. Here again, the program is excellent by CamStudio. So you can make test user small tasks - for example: "Look at Philognosie test your knowledge about computers" - watching and using the mouse movements, as far as the user that task. Since the user can comment on his movements through a headset, you will have a perfect feedback on how well (or intuitively plausible) you have to operate the website design.


4th Tip for use: filming a sightseeing tour of your website


Many users have no desire to read complex instructions or aids for operation of a web page. But a little movie of a few minutes, all the essential control elements of a web page displays, many will look like. So you can easily introduce the users in the operation of your website or on special features, unique features, etc. to make carefully.


Videos on the Internet 5th Tip: On-screen video on your website integrate


Videos come in handy in a lot of traffic can be concluded, which loads the server, you should think carefully about where to host such videos. One idea is to host its own videos on a video portal (eg Google or YouTube videos), and from there on your own website to integrate.


The downside is that other users can retrieve your video. The advantage is you save a lot of traffic and can even advertise your projects the way.


For this example, you can add to the Windows Movie Maker from a header and / or trailer, the publisher of the Internet address of your homepage. If you produce such interesting videos, you can indicate enthusiastic fans on your website.


As far as how to use CamStudio and some suggestions of what you can do everything with it. I hope a few ideas were there, you can use for practice (movies of the screen). Especially the combination -> free program -> easy to use -> good compatibility with film editing software (Movie Maker) for me were absolutely convincing to use this software.


Have fun movies of the screen!