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Divorce Reasons & Causes Can be Many

Date Added: March 20, 2012 11:44:34 AM
Author: admin
Category: Society

Since the last two decades, many countries have observed a raise in the divorce rate and there are so many reasons behind this that sometimes one wonders if it actually is the case. According to estimate, mostly couples who get divorced face personal problems such as getting easily jealous, angry and hurt. Sometimes they show poor financial management skills and fail to manage the household. Divorce also happens due to either of the partner involved with someone and cheating the other partner. It has also been observed that couples whose parents have had a broken marriage have more chances of getting divorced when faced with problems rather than those whose parents had a good relationship.


There are many other reasons why couples get divorced; some of them are given below:




1.   Communication gap is the biggest problem between the couples and is said to be one of the leading cause of a failed marriage. It’s impossible to develop an effective and a smooth relationship when one of the party des not expresses his or her emotions and assumes that you would guess. Such a partner does not discuss about his personal issues, resentments which makes it go worse because the issue remains unresolved and many other doubts take place in the mind of the other partner.

2.   Before marriages, some people do not express about their expectations from their partner, are inflexible and do not have a good listening skill. Such people when married find it difficult to fulfill the expectations they have never spoken of before marriage and that is why the marriage fails miserably.

3.   Another estimate says that marriages happening when you are in your teenage have more chances of ending up than marriages happening between mature people in their 23 – 25 years. This is because teenagers are immature and they face difficulty when they step out of their teenage and encounter real life problems.

4.   Some of the marriages also fail because the couples faced problem during their engagement phase but they either ignored them or did not acknowledge them. These problems seem to grow and appear bigger when the couple is married and they find it difficult to resolve them

5.   Marriages fail due to the joint family system too, where the in-laws do not treat the woman the way she deserves and disputes arises.