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Google Privacy: How can I protect personal data hiding?

Date Added: March 11, 2012 12:44:44 PM
Author: admin
Category: Internet

In the press, the data hungry Google always a critical issue concerning the privacy of its users. Due to the widespread use of Google as a search engine - and as a provider of many free programs and web offerings - Google can basically collect and analyze an enormous amount of data about the usage behavior of users.

Here are the ghosts, if such personalized data is ultimately more of a blessing or a curse for the user. The fact is certain is that the possession of so special data options for an abuse of offers. So if you have concerns, I will explain briefly in this article how you can keep the data from Google hunger in check.

Current event this article is the impending change in the privacy policy of Google, which is carried out from March 2012. It is important to know that Google user data from that date - as with all Google services like Gmail, Youtube, Google, etc. Plus leave - personal or combined evaluates.

How does such a data analysis of your usage pattern?

Once a user is logged on, he is recognized by Google for all Google services as a user. This can be a user with an extensive profile, which can be used subsequently for a personalized search result list, or a customized advertising.

Mainly affects users who have a Google mail account, do a Google Calendar or actively use the new platform, "Google Plus." But the Google web browser "Chrome" is formulated on Wikipedia following criticism:

"The user has agreed to be transmitted in program errors data to Google is Among these 'data about currently open files, programs and services, file-contents',.. In earlier versions also mentioned identification number Google the step justified by a resulting simplified troubleshooting . " (Source Wikipedia: " Google Chrome ")

In other words, if many users already is an eyesore that co-workers or the family gets to see their own web activities (plus contents), how much more unpleasant it is when such data end up with an anonymous third party whom you do not knows and can appreciate?

How can I slow down the data collection and analysis of my activities?

With a few tricks you can prevent unwanted data collection from Google or at least make something ineffective.

What can I do for a Gmail account? Those who live with this new type of data analysis from Google cannot, unfortunately, has to delete his e-mail account with Google.

A milder version is to log out after getting the Google e-mails back and use only other Google services such as "YouTube". Google may not assign the individual user profiles and the data will be assigned as the user is not unique.

You can also use different e-mail addresses for different Google services such as "Google Plus" or "Picasa". Then Google can also be no "single" recognizes users and your profile is scattered or at least obscured.

If you only want to use the Google search engine, you can still do this anonymously.

When using Google Chrome as a browser you can prevent that error messages are sent in data about your web traffic to Google. Another alternative is simply a different browser - use - such as Firefox, Internet Explorer or Opera.

Who wants to know more about the changes to the privacy provisions can only look at the new privacy provisions in Google in detail.  Good luck with protecting your data!