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Internet Shopping: Tips for rights and cheated customers

Date Added: March 11, 2012 12:50:12 PM
Author: admin
Category: Shopping

Internet shops can be found a dime a dozen. The reason is simple - the low investment and operating costs are extremely profitable for many small crafts designer. But the customer is often faced with the question of whether the provider is really serious. Unfortunately, there are increasing even dubious traders who deny their customers the goods for months, consumer-unfriendly terms and conditions or have not even deliver simple. The question remains, what you can do as a customer or prescient to what you should look for as a customer.

The goods are ordered and paid for but will not be delivered

Anyone who has ever ordered in advance by an article that had to wait months to be angry, of course, very much. You can try the advertiser by email, fax or phone to get - but what if he does not answer? A criminal complaint with the police help, unfortunately, only in the rarest cases, since they usually record only the investigation, if very many ads have come together.Moreover, a deliberate fraud is very difficult to prove - especially the terms and conditions of a provider offering a barely manageable pitch for dubious business practices.

What can you do?

It often happens that traders do not deliver, because they become insolvent (bankrupt) have become. All you can do in this case is to ask the local court for a possible bankruptcy of the dealer in question. The district court may also in doubt; you provide information on which court is responsible for the seller.

Get out in this way that the seller has filed for bankruptcy, it looks bad for you. Your money is still not necessarily lost, but you will need to classify most likely in a queue of creditors. Whether and how much you get back your money, pure luck - after all want something happen of the pie, covering usually not the actual demands.

If you are lucky, the business still exists and you can bet the dealer in writing within 14 days, in which he has either to deliver the goods or to refund the money already transferred. The best way to warn the dealers to go to the lawyer if he does not meet your demands. As you suggest such a letter by registered mail with return receipt requested or by fax to be sent with the protocol. To be able to prove that you have informed the dealer actually.

If the dealer does not respond to your requests, it makes sense to turn a lawyer. If the business of the seller still exists, this fact must be your legal fees - to pay - even if this is just to suit threats. If the dealer bust, however, you must bear the cost of the lawyer himself - so beware!

My tips: select "Use Credit"

If you have the option to pay by cash - use it! It may happen, though, that you pay a few euros more, but you have to be on the safe side, because you only pay when the goods are already on site.

Good luck with your orders!