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Natural methods for overcoming heroin addiction

Date Added: March 24, 2012 01:10:05 PM
Author: admin
Category: Health: Addictions

There are a few highly effective homeopathic ingredients that can be used on a heroin addict to get rid of the addiction in a natural way.


Plantago Major is the first ingredient that has been used for a very long time for treating various ailments, conditions, even as salad dressing, and also for treating heroin addiction; it is basically a dark green looking weed. This plant basically enhances the growth of cells in human body and releases a chemical compound in the body that makes the person stay away from tobacco and heroin. Not only is it effective in overcoming heroin addiction but smoking as well.


Another natural method of fighting heroin cravings is Tabacum. It is basically a diluted replacement that will work in place of heroin. This is the best way of gradually leaving heroin addiction and taking a step down. If you cannot just leave heroin right away; this treatment will make you gradually leave it. Many people are not ready or strong enough to deal with the heroin addiction withdrawal symptoms; therefore they can leave this dangerous drug by cutting it down and replacing it by Tabacum that will kill the cravings.


In order to fight the withdrawal symptoms of heroin; the patient can use Abies Nigra or better known as Black Spruce; it is basically a natural relaxant. The first few days or weeks of giving up heroin are the worse to pass by and many addicts come up on using heroin because of the severity of these withdrawal symptoms. In order to make these symptoms less pleasant, the patient can make use of Black Spruce. The nerves will calm down and the patient will no longer feel like that he will die if heroin is not provided or probably do something stupid.


Natural methods for overcoming heroin addiction are very effective but they should always be combined by other medicinal treatments as well in order to make sure that they results are surely positive. Heroin addiction is one of those life taking addictions that are the hardest to leave; therefore it is important to take all sorts of majors to make sure that the patient quits. Rehab combined by medication and natural methods will make sure that the best measures are taken to overcome this deadly drug addiction. This will also quicken the cycle of giving up this addiction, getting over the withdrawal symptoms, and coming back on a healthy life track.