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How Can Bloggers Use SEO

Date Added: August 28, 2012 03:46:10 AM
Author: admin
Category: Internet: Blogs

SEO has become the hot topic in recent past because of the evolution that the internet space is undergoing with the increase in number of mobile devices and new coding platforms being developed. But a primary source of utilizing SEO strategies is still the good old internet on the good old personal computer. At least it is still the case for many bloggers out there. SEO was intended to provide clutter breaking assistance to big brands and bigger firms. Slowly it trickled down to the smaller businesses and individual websites running stand alone businesses. Now, SEO is surely getting into the domain of individual content generators for recreational or creative purposes, the bloggers. A blog is like any other website and requires certain traffic to become visible and reach out, and a best way to do it is to pay due attention to SEO.


A wonderful way to ensure that your blog is optimized for Google is to use Google’s Webmaster Tools. These are simple tools available to understand your website better, getting in behind the scenes if you like. These tools will show you what drives traffic to your blog, what keywords are preferred, how your blog connects to other links and many more things like these. Consider it a post mortem of your blog after which you can understand what needs to be done to increase the blog’s rankings in Google searches. One way is to create a sitemap for your blog and submit it to Google Webmaster Tools. This will increase your blog’s chances of being indexed and hence increase visibility. Another must-do for blogs is to make sure that you write quality titles for your quality content. The title is not only important to the reader of your post but is also a sure shot way of encouraging search engines to identify keywords from it and increase the page’s rank. When the title is in question, the actual content cannot be far behind. But it is not about stuffing keywords down that article you just wrote for your blog, it is about writing posts frequently. SEO works in a time space too and stale content is pushed down the food chain for good. Notice how all blogs that show up on the top of searches are edited so frequently. And it is not just about adding new articles or posts to your blog, they should be relevant too. Have a writing plan in place wherein you write a certain number of posts on a daily basis, and always have some as backup.


SEO is not something to be scared of and they is no need to run from it. Accept the fact that any blog needs its fair share of visitors and SEO is a fundamental way of increasing traffic through increased visibility on search engines.